1-on-1 Personal Training

Exercise for golf

Our 1-on-1 Golf-Specific Personal Training is a highly personalised service. Based on specific goals and the results of our detailed assessments, we tailor a fully individualised program for each client. Based on the flexibility, stability, strength, power progression model, your personalised program will comprise elements of flexibility and mobility, core strength and stability work, functional golf-specific strength and power training, and balance skills.

We recommend most clients undergo at least three months of 1-on-1 training to overcome any personal challenges, start to see results and begin to master basic golf-specific movement patterns and correct technique. It's our experience that without some 1-on-1 attention exercise outcomes are less than optimal. But with just a little bit of help at the right time anyone can achieve extraordinary results!



Initial Goal Setting & Health History Session

This is the key foundation of any successful fitness and lifestyle program. We have a unique coaching and goal setting system in place to help you make behavioural changes and develop good habits for long-lasting success with your program. We will help you set specific, achievable goals. We record your goals with time frames so we know where we are heading.

We discuss and record your current health status, past and present injuries, other conditions, surgeries and your exercise history and these are all taken into account when designing your individual program.


Postural Assessments: Great posture equals great swing!

Bad posture, muscle imbalances and a core that doesn’t work properly will quickly ruin your golf swing and leave you susceptible to injury. Due to the deskbound and sedentary lifestyle of most people today, postural alignment and core dysfunction issues are becoming increasingly common. Therefore, the first step for our clients is to restore core function and good posture. Ideal posture, a functioning set of abdominals and a well-aligned body also makes a huge difference in the battle against injury.

Our Golf Specific Fitness & Posture Assessments are designed to identify and assess your:

  • Postural issues
  • Core function problems and compensations
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Flexibility imbalances
  • Spinal curves
  • Joint range of motion
  • Golf specific functional movement patterns (bending & twisting)

We will then educate you about how all of these affect your golf game and provide you with corrective strategies for overcoming any deficiencies that we find. This will involve stretching the muscles that are found to be tight and strengthening the muscles that are weak to pull you back into balance and have you feeling better over the ball.


Flexibility & Corrective Exercise Programs

Based on findings from your Golf Specific Fitness & Posture Assessment, we write a fully individualised flexibility, mobility and corrective postural exercise program for each client that can also serve as a pre-round warm up. A hard copy is provided and the client is taken through their program step by step. Coming from a practical point of view the program is based on the idea that the best program is the one that a client can and will do.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching for Better Golf

"Our Food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food"

- Hippocrates

Nutrition & lifestyle coaching is a vital part of any exercise programme, golf specific or not. An exercise program should be a positive and invigorating experience. But for some the experience can be extremely arduous due to nutrition and lifestyle factors that haven’t been addressed along the way.

One thing that your ‘average personal trainer’ does not assess is your ‘physiological load’. Our coaches use a unique system to assess your stress levels, sleep patterns, digestive health, eating habits and detoxification system (amongst others) to ensure that you are reap the rewards from your hard work in the gym. Put simply, the best exercise program in the world will fail to achieve results if these factors are not addressed first!

Following assessment of your ‘physiological load’ your coach will guide you through coping mechanisms, and nutrition and lifestyle protocols, to help reduce stress on your body. The result is that your exercise program becomes an extremely positive ‘stress’ on your body rather than a painfully negative one.

By considering and carefully assessing the impact of six fundamental aspects of your lifestyle on your health (thinking, eating, drinking, breathing, exercise and sleeping), we can devise a programme that will help you to feel vibrant and healthy every day, not to mention finishing each round of golf with more energy than you thought possible. Our aim here is to set key priorities and direct the client to what is most important to achieve their goals.

Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching sessions are also recorded in audio so that the client can have a record of the information discussed.


Professional Referral: A collaborative approach to your success

At Golfer’s Edge Personal Training we work with a range of other Health & Sports Professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and PGA Golf Teaching Pros who are in alignment with our approach to golf fitness, and health and fitness in general. Through the comprehensive assessment we provide, key referrals can be made to ensure the efficient, successful achievement of your goals. We will then liaise with your allied professional to ensure we are aligned in our programs.


Support, Accountability & Contact

There are 168 hours in every week and we realise that we may only see our clients for 2 to 3 of those. Sticking to a new program for the remaining hours of the week is a challenge! Therefore we also provide ongoing support towards your goals via email and phone. An encouraging 24-hour confirmation message prior to all Personal Training Sessions is an added bonus.


Results Assessment

You want results. Our Golfer’s Edge mission is to help you achieve those results.

During your journey with Golfer’s Edge, you will be assessed periodically allowing you and your coach a chance to refer back to your initial goals and find out if you are where you wanted to be! If you aren’t, we will work hard to figure out what we need to change to get you there. This will not only allow you to maintain momentum with your training and constantly re-establish new goals, but will also create accountability on behalf of both you and your health coach.