Do you want to increase power in your golf swing to add more distance off the tee? Want to hit more fairways and greens in regulation? Do you want to reduce your handicap and score more consistently? Are current injuries or pain affecting your golf?



At Golfer’s Edge Personal Training we use exercise to help recreational golfers of all levels hit the ball further and straighter; shave strokes off their handicap; and continue to enjoy the game they love, injury free.

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The last 20 years (and the Tiger era) has seen the golf world re-evaluate what it takes to be a great golfer and compete at the highest level. You would be hard pressed to find a player on tour these days that does not combine their ball striking and short game practice with a dedicated golf fitness training program.

So how does this recent development in the pro ranks apply to us mere golfing mortals?

In a nutshell, a golf specific exercise program will improve your posture, flexibility and coordination. It will make you stronger and more powerful, as well as improving balance, endurance and decreasing the risk of golf injuries, which can help keep you playing for a many years to come. Sound good?

But how do these things benefit your golf game specifically?

  • Improved Posture & Stability: The ability to achieve and maintain good posture is critical to achieving a sound address position and a repeatable, consistent golf swing.
  • Improved Flexibility & Mobility: If you can’t make a full shoulder turn in your back swing you lose power instantly. Identifying and loosening the tight areas in the body through quality, targeted stretching results in dramatically improved power and swing mechanics.
  • Increased Coordination: Get better control and ‘feel’ of all movements and positions required in your golf swing through strengthening those movements with exercise.
  • Increased Strength: Strength is one of the two ingredients required to increase power (the other being speed). Creating more strength in the right areas of your body provides more force and stability for a stronger more consistent swing.
  • Increased Power: This requires the right combination of strength and speed training to make a golfer more explosive. Improving your ability to apply your strength in the right way, at high speed, consistently and accurately means longer drives, shorter approach shots and a better score!
  • Increased Endurance: Golf is a lengthy game and golfers need the endurance to maintain power, strength and stability in their golf swing from the 1st tee to the 18th green. Improving your resting heart rate, cardiovascular fitness and strength endurance can dramatically improve your competitiveness on the course.
  • Decreased the risk of injury: A more flexible, well-aligned body with a strong, functioning core makes a huge difference in the battle against injury!

At Golfer’s Edge Personal Training we know what it takes to build a better body for golf.