In the six months that I’ve worked with Andrew I’ve lost 9kg and my handicap has come in 3 points. My golf swing feels much more fluid and my ball striking is far more consistent.

Before finding Andrew at Golfer’s Edge I was carrying more kilos than I wanted and was struggling with flexibility, which was particularly evident in my golf swing. My swing felt very rigid and truncated, and my ball striking varied greatly.

Apart from feeling disappointed that I was carrying around so much unnecessary weight, I was frustrated that my golf game seemed stagnant. I learnt young but didn’t properly fall for golf until recently and I wanted to see some improvements in my game.

I decided that I wanted to lose weight but knew that I wouldn’t stick to it unless I had a meaningful motivation to persist. I was keen to improve my golf and wondered if I could combine my weight loss goals with golf related training. That’s when I came across Andrew at Golfer’s Edge.

From the word go Andrew was very understanding of my situation and appreciated what I wanted to achieve. Having done the requisite screening tests he put me on a stretching/flexibility program as well as a strength program, which combined with his nutrition advice soon had me losing weight and my golf swing feeling more comfortable. My handicap has come in a few points and my ball striking and overall game are much more consistent. It’s been very interesting to learn more about the golf swing and the muscles that are the most important for it too – they weren’t the ones that I expected.

In the six months that I’ve worked with Andrew I’ve lost 9kg and my handicap has come in 3 points. I feel like I’ve got some really good scores just around the corner too. My golf swing feels much more fluid and my ball striking is far more consistent.

I’d recommend Golfer’s Edge to anyone who’s keen on golf and wants to improve their game or just their general well being. On top of all his expertise Andrew is also a really nice guy, highly motivating without any pushiness and very generous with his knowledge and support. Going to Golfer’s Edge is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time.
— Hugo Pinsent, Bar Manager. Age - 37
I’ve gone from frustrating stress-fracture related lower back pain, to gaining yardage with both my driver & my irons and playing PAIN FREE GOLF!

I had a frustrating back issue that restricted me from playing pain free golf. Since beginning with Andrew I can now play and practice pain free which I didn’t ever think was possible. He has fixed my S-posture at address and my turn into my back swing has significantly improved. Due to Andrew’s attention to detail we’ve been able to really drill down on what was leading cause of restrictions in my golf swing and flexibility issues.

All of this has led to an increase in distance with my irons and driver plus a more consistent swing.

With the improvement in my back I’ve also been able to increase my workload in my other passion which is running. Since working with Andrew I’ve run two marathons, a half marathon and three 10km PB’s over the last 12 months.

Thanks for all the help Andrew! Now if you can just fix my putting…
— James Clarke, Director - Genesis Bundoora. Age - 41
I’ve lost 14 kilos, 15 cm off my waist, taken 5 shots off my handicap and broken 80 twice!

I struggled with weight loss, although not super heavy, I always struggled to lose a few kilos even whilst being fairly active. Andrew spoke to me about diet and also exercise which has had a great effect, losing 14 kilos. Before I met Andrew I would always try going to various Gyms, but without any focus i lost interest quickly and they ended up being a financial burden.

With regards to my golf, my body feels more capable of swinging stronger and faster, providing extra length and consistency.

I was always very aware of the extra weight I was carrying. This would sometimes get me down. I’d always be worried about going for a swim or to the beach as i never felt comfortable taking my top off. There was always a lack of confidence, this has now changed since working with Andrew.

The program that Andrew has worked with me on has really helped me to focus. I spoke with him at length about what I could do and what I couldn’t. He tailored a program for me that worked towards my specific goal but at the same time didn’t take up all my time. I have found the different programs fun and they have never been a chore to do. I actually look forward to going to the gym now and try and fit this in as much as I can. I certainly feel happier on the days I have been to the gym and completed a work out that Andrew has set for me.

I feel much more confident in myself. I have been able to go and purchase a whole new wardrobe of clothes that I never believed I could possibly wear.

My golf has got so much better and I feel this is only heading in one direction, to better scores.
— Mark Gouldsmith, Age - 39
I am 11 kilos lighter, 12cm thinner, significantly stronger, a more consistent ball-striker and I’m playing PAIN FREE GOLF!...”

Prior to meeting Andrew from Golfer’s Edge I was overweight and struggling to get out of the car after returning home from golf, let alone the next day out of bed, also having sleepless nights due to a sore lower back.

I also had inconsistency in my ball striking, hitting fat, pushing and even skinny shots.

So shortly after my 35th birthday I came across a link on Facebook, following the link it had everything I was looking for, weight loss, core stability, strengthening and a chance to improve my golf game.

My journey started in April 2015 with Andrew quickly identifying the root cause of my problems. They were: tightness in the hip flexors, a weak core and glutes, and unevenness in strength & activation from left to right.

We worked on getting the flexibility back in to the hips which helped with my sore lower back issue massively. He added into the first program cardio work to help the weight loss.

As time has gone on and our program has developed we have both started to understand my body and its movements a lot more.

Andrew has tailored the programs and has built up my strength to the point I can now play a round of golf with much more consistency, get out of the car no problem, sleep with no issue, get out of bed in the morning with no pain which is great when you are away on 4 day golf events and need to back it up day after day!

Not only has my health and golf improved, my Mental Health has improved live is much better when exercising.

So in summary meeting Andrew has been awesome.
— Corey Kelly, Age - 35
If anyone is thinking of a golf specific PT you can’t look past Andrew from Golfer’s Edge!

A couple of years ago I had spinal surgery and i have trained with a lot of different people, but the attention to detail and how he writes a specific program for your needs is so important. Andrew doesn’t write a program to suit all and as you go along he will adjust what is needed.

After working with Andrew for a year now, our team had some goals to reach and turning pro was one of them, we achieved this at the start of the year with the help of my coach, chiropractor and my PT Andrew Ransom (Golfer’s Edge).

We are still improving and getting stronger. My ball striking stats have improved out of this world. My club head speed has gone up 15 mph and fairways and greens hit has been my strength. Last 2 pro events I have been in the top 5 distance off the tee and top 10 greens in regulation. If anyone is looking to do this your silly not to consider Golfer’s Edge

If anyone has questions I’m happy to help from my point of view.
— Nathan Buzimkic, PGA Pro (OneAsia)
My handicap is down to 2.9 !!! That’s the lowest I’ve ever been in 50 years of golf

At 55 I knew to maintain and improve my golf I needed to improve my fitness. I watch the senior tour and realize that good golf is still achievable if you put a bit of time into fitness as well as golf practice.

I was surprised at how quickly my flexibility improved. Within a couple of weeks my whole body was moving more fluently and I could really feel that my swing had become freer and my swing speed had increased.

I am putting for more birdies than previously so that’s fun. On a good day I average 2 to 3 birdies where previously it was 1. I was always happy to break 80 before but after a month on the program I had 76 three times in a row. My handicap is down from 6 to 4.6 after just 8 weeks.

In terms of increased distance I have started to get it out there like I used to but it is the consistency that has improved with both my driver and my irons. We all hit bad shots every now and then but I just hit less of them now.
Andrew is very helpful with all aspects of the program. He is interested in improving my health in general, not only my golf game. I have lost around 3kg so far on the program as well as finding a new zest for my game.

Later, when Greg saw his own Testimonial:

”great to see to my report in your promo. It probably looks a bit made up to others but I know fitness works for golf. My golf improved even further and my handicap got to 2.9 !!! That’s the lowest I’ve ever been in 50 years of golf. I’m just not hitting as many of those real bad shots, the down side is I have to really be on my game all the time and giving lots of shots to my mates is tough. I still do quite a bit of your programs and try to stretch in the evening as much as possible.
— Greg Hennessy, Age - 55
From a bulging L4/L5 disc, 20 years of back pain and a ‘gym allergy’ to being able to lift my two daughters at the same time without PAIN!!!

My biggest struggle before going to see Andrew at Golfer’s Edge was being a typical bloke... Not doing anything about my back issue and not really knowing it was a back issue. I can honestly say I had lower back issues for nearly 20 years. I initially put it down to just being tired and not stretching before I did any exercise or physical work. Over time, I realized that my legs, from front hip to knee, would either burn or go numb. I lived with this for years.

The pain inhibited my ability to walk comfortably, stand or sit for any length of time or play / walk around a golf course without severe discomfort. I just put up with it and eventually started taking ibuprofen and aspirin to ease the discomfort. My biggest frustration was that not only was I in plenty of discomfort, and taking plenty of tablets, I was also feeling very tired when I did activities like golf. That impacted my game and the ability to score well.

Constant pain and the sound track of me grunting every time I got in and out of a chair was too much for the wife. She was the one to push me in the direction of getting my back looked at. Tired of hearing me moan about MY issue, I had scans.

I was prodded and poked by Chiropractors and Osteopaths but they only got me to their next appointment. Not a recommendation I would make to anyone. Not a long term solution and costly when your issue isn’t being resolved, but merely managed. I felt sore, tired, grumpy. Not conducive to a happy environment at home or work. And it was my fault, no one elses.

My issue was that I had a bulging disk in L4/L5 vertebrate. This was trapping nerves making my legs feel that buring and numbing sensation. This needed to be fixed asap to avoid surgery.

I came across Golfer’s Edge through a friend who I played golf with. I had seen changes in the way he was less tired at the end of a game and didn’t complain about his aches and pains. He also lost weight and looked fitter. He was on at me for weeks to go, and to be honest, I had always felt “allergic” to gyms.

Eventually I went to see Andrew who could see fairly immediately what my problem was and put me through a couple of light exercises and stretches to confirm the problem. From there he set out a program to essentially build core strength around my shoulders, waist and glutes. Something I didn’t really have as much of my exercise pursuits revolved around long distance running.

The program over time increased with intensity and focused on different areas to build consistency of strength. Initially I went once a week for the best part of 4 months and continued the program at home as well. I’ve recently moved to every two weeks but wish I hadn’t done that. You still need to make sure you are continuing the program as much as you can. I have a problem that can easily come back if I let my core strength slip ...

With the right exercises and continued effort my legs no longer burn or go numb. I don’t grunt like an old man when simply getting in and out of a chair. I’m less tired after golf. I can do more physical work around the house and not feel any back issues. More importantly, I can lift my two young daughters very comfortably at the same time without any issues. Before I had trouble lifting one - I wasn’t going to let this continue.

Golfer’s Edge is not a gym where people need to be seen. It’s not intimidating. Its comfortable, friendly and most of the time you’re the only one there doing your program. There are plenty of exercise machines to use that help you warm up and down. I didn’t think this was ever me, but I genuinely won’t stop these exercises.
— Matt Glenister, Greensborough VIC, Age - 42
I’ve gone from constantly fighting neck, shoulder and back pain after each round of golf, to dead lifting 130kg and hitting the green on a par 4 from 290m, and putting for eagle...”

Before joining Golfer’s Edge I would constantly fight neck, shoulder and back pain after each round of golf. I didn’t have the flexibility to get my body into the right positions or the strength to get the ball out there as long as I would have liked from tee to green. My swing was inconsistent and my handicap was blowing out like the wind (from 1 to 7).

It was frustrating for me because I had played at quite a high level, being off 1 in my late teens and early 20’s. Now being in my mid to late 20s and playing off 7, it was frustrating to not play at the same level, but also walk off the course with a stiff neck and back shoulders/back. I joined Golfer’s Edge to firstly prevent injury and reduce the tightness in my body (also removing Physio appointments) and secondly to strengthen my body so I can improve my golf and enjoy the game more.

Golf is one of those ridiculously addictive games that is seemingly impossible to master. Before joining Golfer’s Edge it wouldn’t matter how much optimism I took into a Saturday morning comp, it would inevitably be crushed within 4 hours of teeing off. Adding to the poor score, I would jump into my car post round with a stiff neck and bad back. I knew that with more practice I could produce better scores, but I realised that the longevity of my golf would probably be cut short based on my body not being able to maintain correct posture or provide the flexibility/strength I needed to enjoy the game again at a high level.

Since joining Golfer’s Edge, Andrew has educated me immensely to understand what my body is capable of and how to prepare and maintain for just everyday life. Golfer’s Edge helped me to join the dots in the gym to train smarter and incorporate golf functionality into my workouts. Outside of the gym, I started realising the benefits of Andrew’s program by religiously stretching and putting little reminders in place each day to maintain a more pain free life on and off the course. Understanding my body’s capabilities and developing confidence in my body, enabled me to transfer much more confidence into my golf game.

My life is much more balanced since joining Golfer’s Edge, as I am more conscious and aware of the food I put in body, the benefits of rest, working out smartly to maximise my time and even improving my mindset before approaching each day, whether that be at work or golf.

Andrew has a unique and wonderful way of tailoring a program around you and it is forever changing as your body changes. Regular assessments have ensured that we’re continually identifying areas for improvement and resetting goals to ensure no stone is left unturned. It has been just over a year since joining Golfer’s Edge and I can say with satisfaction that my program has evolved in line with my improvements, which have skyrocketed!

My handicap is slowly coming back down (currently off 4), specific parts of my body dramatically strengthening (for example my maximum dead lift weight has gone from 60kgs to 130 kgs in the space of approximately 3 months) and my weight for someone who is 6ft 3inches is getting up to where it should be at between 85kg.

Overall, I am stoked to have achieved the broad range of results that I have to date and build on my knowledge, which will now be with me for life.
— Dan Newman, Age - 27
From a body-related back nine scoring fade and post-round neck pain to a 6 shot handicap reduction and an additional 30 metres in driving distance.

Before I started working with Andrew at Golfer’s Edge, I would be very sore towards the end of a round, and pretty wrecked the rest of the day. I would get very tight and tired in my mid back, core and glutes/hamstrings, so I would always score poorly towards the end of my round. I was also struggling a lot with getting out of sync in my golf swing, which most likely came down to my arms compensating for my lack of flexibility/rotation and strength in the right areas for the golf swing.

My biggest frustration was to not being able to finish a round strongly, unable to hit a consistent driver, and I really wanted to take action to prevent injury in the future, because no one wants to be unable to play golf.

Due to my work situation, I would typically spend a lot of my day sitting, or driving, this was terrible for my flexibility, and my fitness. I would constantly have aches, and pains, especially in my glutes, lower back and neck. I was constantly tired and my golf game just wasn’t improving, so I was feeling frustrated and really driven to make a change.

Training with Andrew, and having a golf specific workout routine has been a massive game changer, but has also been life changing. Meeting Andrew, and going through a TPI Screening allowed us to find the weaker areas in my fitness, and focus on those key areas, to dramatically improve my golf game while also improving my day-to-day life.

I have added over 30 meters to my average driving distance, I have dramatically improved by consistency of strike with all my clubs, especially my long irons, and my body feels absolutely amazing.

The biggest improvement has been my ability to play at a high level throughout a round without any fluctuations or fading of energy, flexibility or soreness.

Since starting with Andrew, I have reduced my handicap by almost 6 shots, but I’ve seen the most dramatic change since coming back from 6 weeks off with tendinitis, where we worked so hard on the key areas of core and legs, that I have dropped 4 shots in 6 weeks.

Life is awesome! The last 6 months of training has had an enormous effect on my everyday life, I have heaps more energy, an incredible amount of functional strength, my flexibility has gone through the roof, and my stamina is fantastic, especially on the golf course. After struggling to get through 18 holes due to stiffness and tiredness 6 months ago, just last week I completed an early morning gym session, and played 36 holes in one day! I can’t say I wasn’t sore the next day, gym & 36 holes will do that to just about anybody, but there is no chance I would have ever been able to do that without my training at Golfer’s Edge.
— Brenton Ford, Age - 27
I’m back playing golf and my neck pain is gone! (As long as I do my exercises ...)

I had recently taken up the game of golf and I was getting very stressed and frustrated because I was trying too hard. This resulted in my body being tight, stiff and sore, and I as unable to play golf for 4 months due to neck pain.

During this time I found Andrew, and he put me onto a program which consisted of stretches, strengthening and flexibility exercises which I had to do twice a day.

The program was varied and did not take too long, making it easy to do. Within a fortnight I was feeling stronger and the pain was easing. I was developing flexibility and finding the exercise easier to mange.

Andrew then changed my program after 6 weeks which was very motivating and in no time I as back on the golf course. My handicap was improving and my scores were looking great.

Then I lost momentum. Had visitors and Christmas break and I stopped doing my exercises. I went back to golf and after 4 weeks the pain was back and my golf was limited again. I was sore and frustrated. I finally realized that stretching and strengthening was the most important thing I could do if I want to play this game consistently for years ahead.

I have slowly reintroduced the exercises and made a commitment to keep doing them. They are quick, easy and manageable. They prevent costly trips to the Osteopath and Physio and my golf and body is much better for it.

I cannot recommend Andrew and his program highly enough. 20 minutes each morning and night is all it takes - and it is so worth it!
— Jody Goddard, Age - 52
Before starting my program with Andrew I was very stiff and my rotation into the backswing was ‘blocked’. Additionally, my stance was not at all stable; right hip sliding out, balance poor etc. After just a couple of weeks of doing a flexibility program for my specific needs I could really feel a positive difference! Not just in my golf swing but generally in my posture and way of moving. The core strengthening/stabilising exercises that form part of my routine have led to further positive results.

I have added distance to both my driver and my irons and my accuracy is also improving. I’m playing much better than my original handicap.

Before beginning to work with Andrew I had been suffering neck/upper back/shoulder pain for about a year despite physiotherapy treatment. Soon after beginning the flexibility program the discomfort reduced greatly and now seldom bothers me at all.

I like that having made the decision to become the best golfer that I can be, there is a program to follow that Andrew has designed specifically for my needs. If you are on the fence about starting a golf fitness program, stop procrastinating and just do it! It really does make a difference.
— Liz Batliwalla, Age - 55
To be honest I haven’t even completed all the training sessions... But what I have completed has been very beneficial, providing me with a lot more flexibility, my strength and stamina have also improved.

My core strength is also on the up. The net result is that I am more consistent with my game, basically I don’t fade towards the end of a round, and with the flexibility I am swinging a lot smoother and more relaxed.
— Mark Goddard, Age - 55
My aims are better posture, flexibility, strength, stamina and aerobic fitness and help with weight control. Training is also a kind of stress control for me, a stress circuit breaker.

Andrew’s got the intuitive skill to pitch each new challenge at just the right level, not too little, not too much. I enjoy the sessions greatly and feel really worked out at the end.

Over four years, I’ve progressed markedly in all the things I was aiming for, and I continue to progress. In general, he seems to have an endless supply of excellent stretches and exercises. I’ve never been bored. He’s meticulous about posture and technique during the various exercises and watches constantly, getting me to adjust and rectify whenever needed.

Andrew has turned out to be the best trainer I’ve had, by a long shot. I’m very lucky to have him and look forward to progressing even further
— Mike Salzberg, Doctor and university teacher/researcher. Age - 64
I have been a client of Andrew’s for the past 3.5 years. I joined Fitness First and started training with Andrew in 2010 determined to lose weight and reduce body fat, but also to improve the arthritis in my knee and my chronic back issue in the process. Training with Andrew has significantly changed my life for the better.

Andrew’s programs have helped me lose over 35 kilos and more than 20 cm from around my waist. I had lost weight in the past and struggled to keep it off so Andrew focused heavily on increasing my lean muscle mass to permanently improve my metabolism and as a result I am much stronger and more toned. My posture and flexibility has improved dramatically. The arthritis in my knee has improved considerably with the weight loss and increased strength, and Andrew’s focus on core stability and corrective exercise has resulted in a notable improvement in my back pain. As a busy business owner, the workouts also help enormously to manage physical and emotional stress
— Catherine, Business Owner, Work Matters Age – 53, Contact details available
Training with Andrew is both challenging and fun. After only a few months I noticed many improvements in my physical health and fitness. In addition to increased fitness and core strength I have dropped 5 kilograms, 7 percentage points of body fat and 9cm from around my waist. I have made many adjustments to my lifestyle choices and thanks to Andrew I have more energy and have developed healthy and sustainable eating habits.
— Jason Ferguson, Retail Manager, Age - 39
I have been training with Andrew for two and a half years and am really enjoying it. He is very approachable and is willing to adapt the sessions to suit my needs. I am not a runner but I can now run for 25 minutes non-stop and have lots more energy.
— Justine, Account Manager. Age – 37
With some scepticism I had to join a Gym for the first time in my life to assist in rehabilitation after a serious accident. To the credit of Fitness First’s assessment programme, they recommended Andrew Ransom for his knowledge in posture, flexibility and core strength. It was a perfect match for me.
Andrew has a friendly and low key approach to fitness underscored with a deep understanding of human movement. His thoroughness and determination to find a solution for persistent problems in the recovery process has restored me to full range, movement, strength and freedom. For this I am very grateful.
The fact is that Andrew is just a really nice bloke is a bonus and makes the 6.00am starts bearable
— James Keenan, Licensed Estate Agent, Partner, Nelson Alexander Pty Ltd. Age - 45
Being over 50 I wanted to increase fitness but I’d never been to a Gym. I’ve been with Andrew for 2 and a half years and his approach and overall knowledge continues to impress me. Some days I need a lighter session and other days the energy is up so he can increase the pace always to the right level. He is really easy to communicate with and gives great feedback which all adds up to excellent results.
— Brian H. Smith, CEO/President Caseflow Pty Ltd. Age - 53.
Andrew Ransom has consistently provided a highly professional and intelligent approach to my long term health and fitness needs. With his direction I have greatly reduced back pain by increasing core and back strength. Combined with general fitness we have achieved more productive and comfortable work day.
— Josh Watt, Senior Designer. Age - 37