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Your 90 minute session will include…

Flexibility Assessment

We'll test your golf-specific flexibility & mobility, and identify specific imbalances that limit performance

Strength & Power Screen

Evaluate your stability, strength & power.

Swing Video Evaluation

Determine structural weaknesses that are affecting your golf swing.


Pain & Injury Risk

We'll test your golf-specific flexibility & mobility, and identify specific imbalances that limit performance

Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis

Assess current eating and lifestyle factors and recommend simple ways to improve.

Roadmap to Success

We'll sit down with you to build a complete strategy for golf fitness success.


Whether you're after weight-loss, increased distance and consistency or simply to play pain-free golf, we've got you covered.

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I’ve lost 14 kilos, 15 cm off my waist, taken 5 shots off my handicap and broken 80 twice!
I’ve always struggled to lose weight even while being fairly active. Andrew spoke to me about diet and also exercise which has had a great effect. Before I met Andrew I tried going to various gyms, but without focus I lost interest and they ended up a financial burden. 
I was always very aware of the extra weight I was carrying. This would sometimes get me down. I’d always be worried about going for a swim or to the beach as I never felt comfortable taking my top off. There was always a lack of confidence. This has changed since working with Andrew. 
The program that Andrew has worked with me on has really helped me focus. We spoke at length about what I could do and what I couldn’t. He tailored a program for me that worked towards my specific goal but didn’t take up all my time. The different programs are fun and they have never been a chore to do. I actually look forward to going to the gym now and try and fit this in as much as I can. I certainly feel happier on the days I have been to the gym and completed a workout. 
I feel much more confident in myself. I have been able to go and purchase a whole new wardrobe of clothes that I never believed I could possibly wear. 
And my golf has got so much better and I feel this is only heading in one direction, to better scores!
Life is awesome! The last 6 months of training has had an enormous effect on my everyday life, I have heaps more energy, an incredible amount of functional strength, my flexibility has gone through the roof, and my stamina is fantastic, especially on the golf course. After struggling to get through 18 holes due to stiffness and tiredness 6 months ago, just last week I completed an early morning gym session, and played 36 holes in one day! I can’t say I wasn’t sore the next day, gym & 36 holes will do that to just about anybody, but there is no chance I would have ever been able to do that without my training at Golfer’s Edge.
I am 11-kilos lighter, 12-cm thinner, significantly stronger, a more consistent ball-striker, and I’m playing pain-free golf!
Prior to meeting Andrew from Golfer’s Edge I was overweight and struggling to get out of the car after returning home from golf and out of bed the next day. I was also having sleepless nights due to a sore lower back.
Andrew has built up my strength to the point I can now play a round of golf with much more consistency, get out of the car no problem, sleep with no issue, get out of bed in the morning with no pain—which is great when you’re away on four-day golf events.
Not only has my health and golf improved, my mental health has improved—life is much better when exercising. Meeting Andrew has been awesome.